Living Truth in a World of Illusion

Quantum physics has shown that consciousness is the basis for everything that exists. Consciousness is the necessary and sufficient condition for everything. Consciousness exhibits life. It is self-aware. Is there anything beyond self-awareness, or does self-awareness participate in universal consciousness, which encompasses all that exists? From personal experience I can say that human consciousness is greatly expansive, possibly to infinity, once we eliminate all of our self-imposed limitations.

Our knowledge of what is true comes from within our self-awareness. We cannot find it outside of ourselves. There is no outside. What appears outside is a reflection of what is within our consciousness.

What actually is consciousness aware of? It can be aware of aspects of itself and energy patterns formed in consciousness. These appear in various dimensions or spectra of frequencies. The frequencies that vibrate in the empirical dimension, which is where the energy signature of humanity has lived, are interpreted in our personal consciousness as the physical world. This world of energy vibrates within an identifiable spectrum of frequencies.

We can recognize the energy patterns beyond the empirical world, in a higher dimension, where everything is moving toward unconditional divine love. Humanity is returning to its natural energy patterns in alignment with the constant flow of conscious life force into our heart from the One Cosmic Source Consciousness, whose awareness is us.

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