Living our Highest Dreams

As the resonant energy of the Earth keeps increasing, higher-frequency living becomes more rewarding. We can more easily imagine living on a regenerated Earth, free of threats, and everyone living peacefully and in gratitude. This is now possible, and it is the direction that our natural energy is flowing toward. We can expand our awareness to include the consciousness of humanity as embodied in society and expressed as the energy signature of humanity.

We do not have to be bound to this level of being, since all of our boundaries are self-imposed. We can eliminate them, opening up our awareness for new dimensions of being. Our limitations are our beliefs. If we can critically examine them with our heart energy and from a perspective of the absolute sovereignty of our eternal Self, we can recognize the consequences of a limited self-awareness.

Eventually we open our imagination to the higher vibrations through our desire to experience greater love, joy, abundance and beauty and whatever else we love to feel, coming from our heart energy. All we need to do is live lovingly, joyously and peacefully. This is a training program for our ego. In this spectrum of energy, we attract only other aspects of our consciousness of the same experiential quality. This is raising the vibrations of our personal energy signatures, which our participation in the One consciousness uses to create experiences for us.

This is a good time to live our highest dreams as much as we can, while freeing ourselves from all limitations and expanding our consciousness into higher realms.

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