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Living Multi-Dimensionally

Many of us expect our experiences to deteriorate further into the lower vibrations of suffering and evil. Fascism and division of many kinds are being promoted in the media. The world we have now is a result of the vibrations that humanity has created or allowed to be created with our life force. We live in a world of duality, and we have a choice of what level of vibrations we prefer to experience individually and collectively. This is a lesson that all must learn.

As multi-dimensional beings, we can live in different worlds of experience without going anywhere physically. The dimensions all exist concurrently and occupy the same space in our consciousness, just at different levels of frequencies. The qualities of our experiences differ greatly from one to another. In the lower frequencies of our thoughts and emotions, we experience fear and deterioration of our being. In the higher frequencies we experience life enhancement. We have absolute control over which quality of life we choose to experience.

As we choose and intend to live in a high-vibrational life, we elevate our personal energy signatures. These radiate our higher-vibrational consciousness into the life-manifesting unified quantum field. Enveloped in the etheric plasma, we can recognize an infinite combination of energy patterns that we can attract into what we wish to experience.

As humans living within our limited sphere of conscious awareness, we have chosen to keep our awareness limited to the empirical spectrum of energy. But there is much more that we can be aware of. We are our only limitation from universal consciousness. It is our belief that we are identical to our bodies, and we are mortal. Once we have crossed over in our awareness to a higher dimension, we know the truth of who we are as personal eternal Beings. But without making this leap in consciousness, we can acquire an understanding of quantum energetics.

By knowing how we experience different vibrations, we can know that we can create whatever quality of vibration that we can imagine and feel ourselves living in. This is where our limitations come in. We can’t imagine the reality of something that we don’t believe. False beliefs about ourselves keep us from realizing our eternal Being. As long as we believe ourselves to be mortal, it’s a leap in consciousness to know that we are eternal, that we are conscious persons who are expressing ourselves through our physical presence in the body, and we have a personal conscious awareness that is unlimited in every way.

As we become comfortable in awareness beyond the body, we can more easily create the kinds of energies we want to live in and then manifest these electromagnetic wave patterns into physical experience. This is when everything becomes magical in our empirical experiences.

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