Living Joyously in Love and Truth

Although there may be chaos and fear all around us, we have the innate ability to rise above it all while living in divine love and peace. We are powerful creators, learning how to use our ability to modulate the frequency resonance of our own energy signature, which attracts compatible frequencies. When we fight against something our creative ability actually empowers what we are fighting against. When we accept any vibratory level of energy into our consciousness, we align with it and provide it with our life force. If we recognize ourselves as victims and poverty-stricken, we are creating those conditions in our lives. If we are experiencing undesirable conditions in our lives, we have invited these conditions into our experience by the frequency of our energy signature, the quality of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

It may not be easy to change our perspective and beliefs about ourselves and the world we inhabit. We must first become aware of what we are doing and how we allow ourselves to be influenced by energy projected into our personal consciousness. This means being aware of our feelings in every situation, because our subconscious is aware of all of the energy around us all the time and transmits the quality of this energy to our awareness through our emotions. In this sense our subconscious is telepathic.

We can learn how to use our emotions creatively, instead of reactively. If we enjoy the energy in our environment, we can accept it into our consciousness and enhance it with our enthusiasm. If we dislike our environment, we can transform it by focusing on the feelings that we want to experience. We are the masters of our lives, whether we realize it or not, because this is how we are designed by our Creator. Since we participate in the Creator’s life stream, we are infinitely powerful creators, once we trust ourselves to be unconditionally loving, knowing that we are expressing the will of our Creator.

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