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Living Joyfully in the Present Moment

We are all the same Being, the same Consciousness of the Creator, whose creative life streams through us constantly in as much abundance as we allow to flow through us. We are our own filters of universal consciousness. In our essence we are limitless awareness with awesome capabilities. All of universal consciousness flows into us now and always in our own awareness, which manifests as our intentional personhood in this life. We have been gathering all of the experiences that we have wanted and needed to complete our earthly sojourn in duality, and when we decide to open ourselves to our eternal, infinite awareness, we have that choice. By commanding it to come into our experience, and maintaining the perspective of mastership, we can attain awareness of our true Being. It requires a strong intention to transcend all limiting fear-based beliefs about ourselves and to declare their resolution in deepest love and gratitude.

It is our option to change our polarity and raise our vibrations. Our personal truth in Being is always present in us, and when we can achieve mental and emotional clarity beyond limitations, it can be in our awareness. When we can recognize the reality of our eternal, infinite awareness, we are no longer subject to limitations of any kind. They become unbelievable in reality, and nothing keeps us from living in the present moment in gratitude and ecstasy, guided by the intuitive knowing of our heart. We cross the threshold of dimensions, and our world changes to one of miracles and amazement.

When we expect to have to interact with negativity in the world, we create this kind of interaction. The way out of negativity is to change our perspective and orientation to one of constant gratitude and joy. Nothing beyond ourselves keeps us from being in a state of absolute confidence in, and identification with unconditional love and unlimited awareness. This is our personal choice at any time. When we make that choice with absolute intention and confidence, we open ourselves to living in an energetic dimension beyond duality, and our experiences become wonderful and fulfilling.

By transcending our ego-conscious limitations through fearlessly following our inner guidance of heart-consciousness, we enable ourselves to master every situation in confidence and compassion. Our personal needs become our fulfilled experiences in a higher-energetic dimension. Once we have transcended fear of mortality, our participation in any energetic level of vibrations is voluntary on our part. When we can realize our immediate creative ability, we can be free of all bindings, attachments and limitations. We can realize our reality in a truly wonderful dimension of living, and we can experience loving and truly entertaining relationships, guided by the intuition of our heart.

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