Living Intentionally

We can open ourselves to experiences of great beauty and abundance in every way. We can feel the greatest love and joy. This is our natural state of being. The only limitation keeping us from high-vibrational living is our willingness to accept living in unconditional love, while enjoying infinite creativity. Why would we resist our natural state of being, when we know what it is and how it feels? Perhaps we just don’t believe it could be true. There are a lot of contra-indicators. It’s outside the spectrum of energy that humanity lives in, so even to be able to imagine being in absolutely wonderful experiences, is a great stretch for us. It is a mental and emotional rise in vibrational dimensions.

We must confront every possible fear in our emotional bodies, including fear of termination of consciousness. This is what a vision quest is all about. It is dropping everything that is not important for survival and going to a remote place where we can consciously meet our essential Self, our present awareness of Being. We may expand our awareness beyond the spectrum of vibration of normal human awareness. We begin to see brighter colors in greater numbers, we hear colors and see sound and rainbows unending. We begin to enter universal consciousness, overwhelmed with unconditional love.

It is not necessary to follow the traditional path of the vision quest, but we do need to feel within that we are part of everyone and everything. Learning to feel the energy of the Sun, the Earth, the trees, the birds, the nature spirits, the water, the air and even fire and volcanism, are all part of universal consciousness. We can become aware of etheric energy patterns, which are the manifesting wave/particles that we recognize into empirical form. We become conscious creators in our larger Selves.

We can realize our unity with our creative Source. Once we have released all of our limiting beliefs about ourselves and realized the vibrations that we love the most, we naturally attract experiences that resonate with high-vibrations, and the realm of fear disappears. Only love remains, together with great vitality and exuberance for life. The traditional spectrum of human energy becomes for us a realm of experience that no longer holds fearfulness or unfulfilled needs of any kind. We become the masters of our lives and all of our experiences through the intuitive knowing of our heart.

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