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Living in Transcendant Vibrations

What is our greatest joy? How do we attain it? The design by which the cosmos exists is for all entities to operate precisely in synchronicity. Humans have the option to violate this, because we live in an imaginary realm. We cannot fatally damage the structure and operation of nature, unless we do so on atomic and cellular levels and engage in mass destruction. This kind of super-low-frequency energy is being recognized now, and its propagators are trying one mass extermination attempt after another, in order to hold off their extinction, which is imminent. Their boundaries in consciousness are closing in around them with their energy signatures breaking up. One by one they are becoming unstable in their being, and are disappearing. The low frequency energy is dropping away from humanity, and many are now realizing that we’re all part of the Trueman movie.

We can remove our boundaries and transcend our entire dimension. We do this with our consciousness. We become aware of our own presence of being. Each of us is all there is. We encompass the cosmos of universes in our consciousness to the extent that we are willing to go. Our experience as humans is a small part of our eternal Being. We can now be ready to identify with our true divinity, the energy of life constantly pouring into us within the quantum field of universal consciousness and unconditional love. By resonating with this energy we penetrate the level of consciousness of the higher dimensions. Our true Self has no limits, except for our self-conscious presence. We are completely fulfilled in every way. We are filled with gratitude and deepest love and are in the presence of our soul mates. This is the greatest joy, and we attain it by realizing its reality for us.

The dimensions all exist concurrently within the quantum field. We each have portions of ourselves in other dimensions, all contributing experiences to our essential Being. We have gone on adventures to gain experience and wisdom, as well as enjoyment. One of those adventures is our present life on Earth, living in this artificial energy pattern of the human energy signature that we constantly create by recognizing it and feeling it.

If we are to raise the energy signature of humanity into a higher dimension, we can do it individually through our recognition and realization and feeling higher vibrations. We see this happening on the Shumann Resonance graph of the vibrations of the Earth. We’re aligning ourselves with the natural energy of the higher dimension. We magnetically draw that energy into our experience and create more light for humanity.

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