Living in the Fullness of our Being

We are designed to live in the brilliance of our inner light, enjoying unlimited freedom and abundance in all aspects of living. The essence of our Being is unconditional love in eternal presence of divinity. We constantly receive the living essence of the One universal consciousness flowing into us, enlivening us and providing everything that we modulate into being with our unlimited creative conscious awareness. The more gratitude we express in all aspects of life, the more beauty and joy we get to experience.

In our personal consciousness we arise out of the Being of the One universal living consciousness that creates universes. We are the same essence as the timeless One without limitations of any kind. How do we as humans not know this? Because we are unlimited, we decided to create limited, apparently separate expressions of ourselves in order to know what we could not know in our true being. We’ve learned what it’s like to experience ourselves as victims and even despicable characters. We’ve made this human experience so convincingly real, that we’ve been completely unaware of who we really are.

Now we’re ready to awaken from this hypnotic trance and return to awareness of our true Being. We’ve begun the journey inward to recognition of the expression of our divinity in the energy of our heart and the light of our soul. Our true Being is gently urging us to awaken to the love and joy of the presence of our Creator within each of us. We are becoming aware of our unlimited creative potential and are realizing that we have created ourselves to be needy, unhappy and unfulfilled. Now it is time to create ourselves out of our predicament and return to our expanded Selves.

There is much guidance available to us now, as all of humanity is awakening out of the human Matrix situation. We’re leaving fear behind, just not paying attention to it anymore. We’re ready to live in a society based in love and kindness, as we create the new world that we truly want to return to.

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