Living in the Energy of Self-Realization

If we have resolved the major blocks in our consciousness and are able to be still and aware of our inner promptings, we become able to create our new reality in the higher dimension of frequencies. We are able to keep our perspective in the spectrum of love and compassion as we face every situation that confronts us. We know that every obstacle in our lives is placed there with the conscious intention to awaken us to our reality as multi-dimensional Beings. If we don’t know this lesson, life becomes still more difficult, until we reach desperation. Then we either make a leap in conscious and align our thoughts and feelings with high-vibrational awareness or terminate.

This is what’s happening as the resonant frequencies of the Earth keep rising. Any discordant human energies become unstable. Their electromagnetic wave patterns receive constant interference from the Earth. We must align with the rising frequencies or get ready to leave.

If we can stay in high-frequency thoughts and feelings, our lives become wonderful, because we magnetically attract resonant frequency situations and people. We repel all low-vibration energy, and it does not enter our experience. We live in a world of personal experience of abundance and well-being. Our friends are kind and thoughtful.

We are naturally creative. Regardless of our state of consciousness, we are still creators of the quality of our experience by the spectrum of vibrations of our energy signature. We have created a spectrum of energies within which we vibrate. We keep our thoughts and emotions within the boundaries that have been accepted by humanity. The only ones who venture outside of those boundaries are adventurers, seers, mystics, inventors, visionaries and the insane. Those who seek Self-realization are outside the boundaries. We are the cosmic travelers, seeking to be more transparently light and love wherever this level of vibration attracts us. There are many of us now, and more are awakening. We’re creating and moving into a higher vibration of experience and a greater realization of our true, infinite Being.

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