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Living in Joy and Inspiration

If we want to live in love and joy in inspired ways, we can train ourselves to imagine feeling grateful for our eternal creation in unconditional love, which we can know in the energy of our heart. Aligning with this energy raises the vibrations of our state of being, opening us to more joyful experiences.

Trained to believe in the reality and to participate in the human experience of duality, of negativity and positivity, within the empirical spectrum of electromagnetic waves, we have believed that this is the real world. Quantum physicists have found experimentally that everything in our world consists of patterns of electromagnetic waves that interact with our conscious realization. We create our personal reality, and we influence the reality around us just by the energetic signature of how we think and feel, primarily about ourselves. This is how we modulate the energies that pass through our awareness and that we pay attention to, especially those that we recognize and feel. These are the ones we interact with. We align the expression of our life force with their vibratory level. By polarity and frequency, this is our creative radiation into the quantum field, resulting in the quality of our experiences.

Our realization creates our reality, and our realization results from our mental and emotional experiences. We can intentionally shift our realization through the focus of our attention onto scenarios that stimulate us to be in gratitude and joy. Inspired music is valuable here, and experiencing the energies of inspiring places in nature. These help to find and maintain a positive, high-frequency state of being. As we learn to attune to this level of vibration, we can begin to realize the possible reality of an elevated way of being.

As we begin to free ourselves from our believed limitations, we can open our awareness to the energy of our heart and our intuitive knowing. This life-enhancing energy motivates us to feel the joy of living intentionally in the energy of our heart. Being able to use our free will in this way enables us to enter into a more expanded awareness of the etheric patterns of causality. Interacting with the energies of the quantum field in a positive and joyful way can lead us to realize a greater truth about ourselves.

It begins with awareness of our intuition, what it is, and how it guides us. We all recognize it in our own way. It is beyond ego-consciousness and is unlimited. Its ultimate goal is complete alignment with the truth of our eternally Self-Realized presence, having infinite creative ability. When we know what this level of energy feels like, we can also hear the inner sound of our vibratory level. It is always present, just like our intuition. Because of our inner sound, we are drawn to music that resonates with us, and as we raise our vibrations, some of the music is expressed on the etheric level, because it is beyond our current musical spectrum. We are introducing this to the human experience, as is the case with expanded conscious awareness.

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