Living in Harmony or Conflict

Love is high-vibration, life-enhancing, connective energy. It connects us to each other and to all that exists through universal consciousness. Fear is low-vibration, life-destroying, disconnective energy. It separates us in our conscious awareness from each other and from all that exists. In our own being, how we perceive, react and create with these qualities of energy determines the vibratory frequency of our personal energy signature, resulting in the quality of our experiences.

We live within a dimension of energy that we have created to confine our awareness to the vibratory spectrum of the human experience. There is a veil of energy that separates the energies of love from the energies of fear. If we live in the vibrations below this veil, we feel fearful in some way and always in fear of mortality. We have designed this dimension so that we cannot experience the unconditional love that fills universal consciousness, uniting all conscious entities throughout the cosmos and beyond.

By clearing out the limitations that we have imposed upon our awareness, we can open ourselves to living in the realm of higher consciousness, where life is wonderful. We designed our false beliefs about ourselves to be imbedded in the depths of our consciousness, so that we could not be aware of them. We can know what they are whenever they appear. We can feel the emotional knots of low vibration that bind us in certain situations. There’s always some level of fear, which indicates to us that we’re in the realm of low vibrations and need to transform the situation in our awareness by knowing intuitively that we are eternal Beings of pure conscious awareness. In our presence of awareness we have unlimited ability to create universes and whatever else we want to create in love and joy. In the realm of fear, we could not even imagine how this could be true.

We can pay close attention to our emotional awareness, because it feels the quality of energy that we focus upon. This is our guide through our human experiences. We are not limited to low-frequency lives. We have allowed them to be created for us unknowingly, but we have the free will to choose a higher vibratory life at any time. This is how we can use our emotions creatively.

Making the jump from fear to love, from feeling separate and mortal to feeling eternally connected to everyone, requires a drastic change in perspective. We can know this intuitively, but our deepest beliefs may not allow us to realize the truth of our Being. We can transform those beliefs, first by awareness of our intuitive knowing and feeling, then by mental acceptance and understanding, and eventually by experience, especially if we yearn for it.

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