Living in Eternal Being

What really is our potential in this life? We can live in great adventures without fear, while knowing our eternal Being beyond physical and ego consciousness. We are constantly arising out of the conscious Being of the Creator of all. This is the consciousness that fills the unified quantum field with a plasma of unlimited numbers of electromagnetic energy patterns and clouds of photons. From the quantum field arises everything that exists in form and experience. Every entity has its own consciousness and shares this in the universal consciousness enveloping the cosmos. This is the creative expression of the prime Creator. Every thought, emotion and experience is carried in this consciousness and are the experiences of the Creator. We are the essence and experience of the Creator. The Creator is our Being. This is who we are. We are created to modify and modulate the energy patterns in the quantum field to enhance the experiences of the Creator, who creates through the consciousness that we are. Once we have this realization, we are in a completely expanded sense of awareness. We know things that we cannot know in the limited consciousness of humans. We feel emotions that vibrate beyond our current range of awareness.

All of this is in our consciousness, but we’ve closed ourselves off to it in order to have the full human experience in physicality. We can be in the process of resolving and eliminating all of our limitations, which we convinced ourselves to enclose our reality. We are actually living in an augmented reality that we cleverly designed eons ago. It’s all based on fear in all its possibilities. There is no where in this spectrum of vibrations that allows for our awareness of our eternal Being. We’ve been taught that this is the only spectrum of energy, the only reality, and it is so for us, as long as we believe it. Our beliefs create our limitations.

One path to awakening to our true Being is just to be open to the rising vibrations of the Earth and our cosmic environment. This entails being sensitive to our intuition, which prompts us with feelings, inspiration, words, images and many other forms of communication. These are all intended to guide us in every moment toward our freedom and sovereignty and resonant actions. Our emotions tell us the quality of energy in our awareness, and they can also guide us with our intuition. Much depends upon what we desire to be aware of. Everything we could desire is within our own consciousness. We can learn how to open our awareness to it through aligning ourselves with rising natural energy patterns.

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