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Living in Divine Service

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Many of us are embodied on this planet at this time to express our light, love and compassion to all of humanity and to Gaia, our Earth Mother. To transform our energetic environment into a true expression of the unconditional love of the divine Creator, we can work in alignment with the forces of nature and the intergalactic community. We can do this with our personal perspective and way of being in our interactions with others and in the energy that we hold and radiate in our energetic signature.

This is the most important time in the history of the Earth and of humanity. We are passing through a turning of the ages, which occurs at the beginning of every 25,920-year precessional rotation of our planet, which occurred exactly on December 21, 2012, when the Earth conjoined our Sun and the center of our galaxy. We are entering a time of ascension into a higher dimension of living, a dimension of positivity and high vibrations. The negative, dark energy that has enveloped us for eons has been diminishing ever since, and now it is losing its last bit of power over those who still accede to its propaganda and dictates. There are still appearances that can stimulate moments of fear in us, but they are without substance.

Any appearance and feeling of negativity can be overcome by keeping our awareness on our intuitive knowing. We can depend absolutely upon the life stream coming to us intuitively in every moment from the Source of our Being. We are never alone in the essence of our consciousness. Our connection with the divine is always actively expressing everything we need to know to live in gratitude and joy, and we have the freedom to pay attention to it or not.

Everything we need is within our own Being, but our limiting beliefs have kept us from being aware of our inner knowing, which comes to us in ways that are unique to each of us. To be aware of it requires our intention and receptivity beyond our ego consciousness. Because we are the essence of our Creator, we must ask within ourselves and then be receptive to the first impressions that come into our awareness. We can practice to be certain of our inner guidance. It is not a mystery. Once we resolve our attachments to our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can be open to what we truly know.

Resolving attachments to our personal limitations, and being in alignment with our intuition is the solution to higher awareness that enables us to create the enhancement of our lives and the vitality of everyone and everything around us. Each of us has the potential of unlimited awareness and creative ability in loving service to the Source of all that exists.

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