Living in Deepest Love and Joy

The life force of the Creator is present for us in every moment. It conveys infinite creative power and unconditional love that enhances our vitality. It provides as much awareness as we are receptive to and capable of realizing. We set our own limits, and we can unlimit ourselves. To do this, we can be completely open to all energies from a perspective of eternal Self-awareness, anticipating greatness of Being. Being completely open to our conscious life force enables us to align with our essential Being in our feelings and thoughts. We can imagine living in a community of fearless, loving and joyful people. Everyone is accomplished at focusing attention on life-enhancing ways of understanding and acting. We can visit and align with the energy of Gaia in beautiful and majestic places.

When we deeply reach for higher awareness, we become aware of out limiting beliefs, and we can resolve them with our intent to pay attention to the energetics that bring us joy and fulfillment. Life can become more intense in every way. The world is brighter, people are kind and happy. Our emotions can go much deeper and richer into the feelings we desire. We can open ourselves to the true energy of the heart of our Being in deepest, passionate ways. It can feel as if we’re immersed in ecstasy and bliss as long as we can take it. This is possible by letting go of every feeling of responsibility, stress and fear, and intentionally replacing them with confidence, joy and intuitive guidance, while continuing to live in our chosen situation. This may take much practice, but with strong intention it can be accomplished by any of us.

As much as we can give our sensitivity to our intuition, we can live loving and joyful lives. Intuitive guidance is always present for us, but we must be attentive to it, or we are not aware of it. It is what we truly know. In every moment this knowing comes to us immediately as we encounter, feel and imagine. We can have a perspective that this is what’s happening. In our human experience, we are constantly being guided by our expanded Self. This is the energetic quality that we can align ourselves with. As we recover from living in limited consciousness, we can enjoy life as intensely and joyfully as we can open ourselves to receive with gratitude.

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