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Living in Creative Power

Although we have been tricked into enslaving ourselves to a group of psychopaths, we do not need to continue to be victims of our circumstances. Our circumstances reflect our own perspectives and how we feel about ourselves. As long as we are in anger, doubt and fear about our situations and abilities, we are creating circumstances that manifest those feelings and thoughts. Our experiences are caused entirely by our own energetics, because we are fractals of universal consciousness and are inherently creative in everything that we think and feel. The only time we’re not being creative is when we’re just being present in awareness.

If we feel that others are diminishing our lives, there is only one way to transform our situation, and that is by changing ourselves with our own perspective and attitude. Our life situation always begins with our free will choices. We decide what we want to focus on and how we want to feel about it. We have the choice of acting with creative intent or reacting subconsciously as a result of misunderstanding the nature of our essence. We have been taught to react to those who diminish us with anger and even the force of weapons. This aligns us with the negative vibrations that we accepted, perhaps inadvertently, that brought about the situation that we are reacting against and only strengthens it with our own life force.

In order to resolve the situation in our own experience, we can align ourselves with the energy of our intuitive knowing. This is what we feel and know in the heart of our Being. It is the source of our consciousness and our life, the creative energy of our true essence. It is our conscious connection with the universal conscious awareness of our Creator. Although we have closed ourselves off from this awareness in order to experience the duality of living as humans, we can transcend our ego-consciousness when we have a strong intention to expand our awareness.

If we want to live in the truth of our Being, we can choose to resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves and to open our awareness to inner knowing of our unlimited abilities. These flow to us when we align our mental and emotional vibrations with the unconditional love and joy of our deepest creative essence. We are designed to be unlimited in every way, to be infinitely creative. In our deepest consciousness we can realize our true stature with confidence and gratitude in order to transform our lives into experiences of miracles and greatest love in eternal, infinite awareness.

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