Living in Ascending Energy

As the Earth keeps rising in vibratory resonance, the historical dimension that we have all lived within is dissolving, and everyone who keeps trying to make things work the way they always have is finding that the old ways must be transformed. We can no longer live on a planet where people are destroying one another, competing for wealth and living in ignorance of the consequences of our intentions and actions. The frequencies of all beings must rise with the Earth’s increasing resonance or become unstable and dissolve. With these changes, great chaos and destruction is inevitable, while the low-vibration dimension and all who identify with it struggle for their continuing dominance.

Along with our ascending planet, our Sun is increasing its brilliance, as it increases its vibratory frequency. We are being enveloped almost daily by massive influxes of gamma-ray photons, increasing our inner light and upgrading our DNA. We’re being prepared for a leap in consciousness to a higher dimension of being. Our awareness is expanding to knowing in heart-felt ways the connections we share with one another and with all conscious life.

Quantum physics has shown us that we are not alone in any way. Along with everything and everyone who exists, we all share the Source of our being in the unified quantum field. Although we have successfully created a dream world of empirical separation in our awareness, this realm is now approaching terminal existence, and we are being released to realize our true Being. All of us will eventually awaken to our personal truth in Being, as the illusion continues to disappear.

We are not who we have believed ourselves to be, but deep within we know intuitively that we are playing a game of personal limitation. Since we have designed and committed ourselves to participate in this experience, we are the only ones who can release ourselves from this form of enslavement. We can cry out for money, health, freedom and romance from others, but such help will always be temporary. The only real solution is Self-realization. We must awaken through the highest vibratory feelings that come through our heart and let our awareness flow with the unconditional loving life force that fills our Being every moment. This requires our interest and intent to be open to this energy and embrace it with deep compassionate understanding for ourselves.

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