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Living in An Ascended State

We have the ability to radiate so much light, that our presence can be blinding to anyone aligned with low vibrations of fear and lust. They either transform into alignment with love, or they dissolve into a lower-frequency dimension. We can be the Presence of the Divine One, I AM, fully open to the highest frequencies of positive polarity vibrations of awareness in the universal consciousness of the Creator.

In our human spectrum of operating frequencies, we can hardly imagine that state of Being, but somehow deep within, we know it faintly. It attracts our attention, because it feels so wonderful and vibrant. We may have to search for it, so that we can realize our potential. It requires our going deeper and deeper into love and joy, higher and higher vibrations with more intensity in amplitude.

As the conscious creators of our experiences, we can learn to use our imagination and emotions to align with higher vibratory experiences with more freedom and sovereignty. As we do this, our energetic signature rises in frequency patterns, attracting higher vibrational energy patterns that align with us. Because we are energy modulators, we can change the frequency patterns of any energy we encounter with our thoughts and feelings. When we are in a state of clarity in our intentions, we can expand our awareness beyond our limitations of space and time. We can realize the eternal awareness of our presence of Being.

We are fractals of the Creator, having all of the awareness of the Creator beyond our personhood. Our abilities are unlimited in every way. Our awareness can be unlimited in every present moment. The higher in joy that we can go, the deeper we are going into universal consciousness. As this experience grows in intensity, our energetic frequency increases, moving us into a higher dimension of living. We can use our imagination to open ourselves to this. Our elevating feelings can keep us in the vibe of deepest love and compassionate wisdom.

From the perspective of higher guidance through our intuition, we are prompted to master our circumstances in whatever situation we recognize ourselves experiencing, whether physically or imaginatively. When threatened, instead of reacting in fear, we can react in love, expecting to interact in a kind and loving way. We do not need to engage and align with low-vibratory energy patterns. Through our inner guidance we can transform or dissolve them, when we are in a state of objective clarity beyond the limitations of compartmentalized human consciousness.

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