Living in Alignment with Our Truth

So much of our experience among humanity is fake, including our beliefs of who we are. There are good reasons for this, and we are ultimately responsible for all of it. What matters now is realizing the essence of our Being and the energy patterns that we create for ourselves. We are in the process of creating an entire new world from nothing. The current Matrix of our experience is dissolving. The rule of military force is ending. The banking oligarchy is terminating. Poverty is about to disappear. We are becoming our own commanders of our lives.

New assemblies are forming all over the world, soon to replace the destructive governments that have suppressed us for eons. New medical technologies are being introduced that can heal us of everything. We have a brilliant future, supported by the rising natural energy vibrations of the Earth and our galactic environment. We’re consciously transforming the realm of low-vibrational existence into an all-encompassing experience of peace and joy.

As we inspire one another with creations of beauty and majesty in all areas of life, we are coming into resonance with the high-frequency vibrations of our Creator. We only have to follow what feels best to us. We all know what inspires us in love and happiness. These are the energies that we all naturally want to live in always. We have the free will to choose to live this way. By choosing to interact with one another in love and inspiring ways, we are following our intuitive guidance into the new world of joy and abundance. We can realize the truth of who we are, and what it feels like, once we have trained ourselves to believe that we truly do share the fullness of our Creator in our expanded consciousness. This is what Jesus meant when he said that we can do everything that he did and more. All who choose to do so are opening into divine awareness of our illuminating life.

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