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Living Beyond Polarity

The leap in consciousness required in being only positive, is beyond the limits of ego-consciousness. Within the larger spectrum of humanity, it is the unknown, and therefore feared and guarded against. We have powerful limiting beliefs, but we can align with and rely on our intuition. Intuitive knowing is what we need most to guide us into higher vibrations. Once we know ourselves in our eternal Being, our limitations drop away from our reality. We can recognize them for what they are, but we can align with positive vibrations and intuitive knowing of everything relevant to us. We can be the observer of ourselves from beyond ego-consciousness. We can know the vibrational script of our human lives and know the feelings that we experience, while we can align with our greater Self through our intuition.

Our lives can become stress-free and filled with love just by our vibrational alignment in our perspectives and feelings. When we are filled with gratitude and joy, we create experiences that stimulate those vibrations within us. We do this by being the one that we want to be, by training our thoughts and emotions to be positive as much as possible. We can be aware of the entire human experience from a positive perspective of constant guidance toward inner knowing.

When we’re aware that we’ve been living within a compartment of consciousness that is our own constant creation and limitation, we can understand from a perspective of compassion and love what our human life is about. The difficulties we experience come about in order to guide us to want to become more positive and loving. This is the quality of the energy that enhances life. We are being drawn to being positive in everything. It’s all clear on the level of energetics. In order for creative life force to express itself, there has to be only positive polarity in everything, because the negative is destructive. Positive energy is the primary influence in the conscious life force of everything, and when we are in alignment with this energy, we thrive with vitality.

The universal consciousness of the Creator is beyond polarity, because polarity is a concept limited by time and space. Universal consciousness is entirely creative of life. In the perspective of duality, universal consciousness is only positive. When we can imagine living in a realm of love and joy, and we can feel ourselves being in that vibratory resonance, we can begin to realize its reality. It is a dimensional leap concurrent with our normal experience. The difference is that one path that we recognize as real is guided by the ego, and the other is guided by our intuition. These paths are moving farther apart energetically as the polarity of the Earth shifts to mono-polarity that is positive in the center.

All life on Earth is moving through a dimensional shift in conscious expansion, and the most powerful vibrations enveloping us are stimulating a desire to be positive in every way. Being present in awareness in nature can be a wonderful way to connect with the rising vibratory energy of Gaia. We can ask to become aware of our inner light and intuitive knowing. We can practice being sensitive to these energies. They come from the heart of our Being and are what we know innately, beyond limitations.

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