Living Beyond our Limitations

By nature we are multi-dimensional, infinitely creative conscious beings, but our awareness extends only to the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves in the form of our beliefs. Our physical bodies appear to be subject to severe limitations, but only because that’s what we believe. We chose to experience an excursion into darkness. We have developed these limitations as a result of believing we are separate, independent creatures of material substance subject to the actions and dictates of others outside of ourselves. We have become fearful that we may be mistreated or punished by others, that we are powerless against diseases, poverty, loneliness and physical deterioration.

All of these limitations are false beliefs that we can transform into unlimited freedom and sovereignty now. Our condition depends upon knowing who we truly are in our innermost being. This is where deep meditation, out-of-body experiences and profound intuition are helpful in awakening to a state of being beyond the phenomenal world. Once we experience being in an expanded reality, where our accustomed limitations have dissolved, we know that we do not need to believe in them. We developed them for protection of our fragile ego, and we must seriously question our perspectives that inhibit our expansiveness.

We are energy beings, each with a distinctive energy signature. Our state of being depends upon our vibrational frequency, which is a result of our predominant thoughts, feelings, intentions and beliefs. By living in the high vibrations of love, compassion, peace and joy, we elevate our energy signature and expand our consciousness to become masters of our lives, as our Creator intended for us.

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