Living Beyond Fear and Limitations

Fear is a construct of the ego, which has no higher guidance and feels separate and alone in attempting to survive in a competitive world. This is a world that we humans continuously create by our recognition of its energy patterns and alignment with its vibrations. Everything that exists, including the realm of human experience on this planet, is electromagnetic energy that is modulated by consciousness.

What we are capable of being aware of is determined by our beliefs about ourselves. Our beliefs are created by our egos as a result of our parental, social and religious training, indoctrination and personal preferences. They set the low-frequency boundaries of what we allow ourselves to experience. If we believe that we are biological entities with no connection to universal consciousness, we are in opposition to reality as quantum sciences have proved it to be, but our personal experiences will align with our beliefs. We will continue to create an unfulfilling and threatening world for ourselves.

All of our experiences here are self-created. Nothing exists unless it is held in the conscious awareness of a Being that arises from the essence of Creator consciousness, which is the source of everything. We have our own personhood and self-identity existing beyond time and space in many dimensions in eternity, and we project our consciousness into our physical world as the persons we believe that we are. It is possible for us to know our larger Selves by resolving our beliefs and allowing ourselves to become aware of a higher-vibration spectrum of energy.

We can understand that the experiences of fear, lack and suffering are self-created by our own thoughts and emotions according to our beliefs. When we focus primarily on confronting every situation with love, compassion, forgiveness and confidence in our own Being, we can change the energy around us into a higher dimension of expression. We can live in an environment of gratitude, beauty, joy and abundance just by holding these frequencies in our awareness and realization.

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