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Living Beyond Duality and Karma

When we desire to expand our awareness to our true potential, we become aware of our deep limitations that have kept us enclosed within the energetic spectrum of humanity. We have believed that we must depend upon others on many levels in order to survive. We have not known if our consciousness terminates at physical death. As a result, we live with some level of stress and fear. This is a state of negative polarity, and we occupy this space by our intention. By our intentional choice, we can decide to resolve all thoughts and emotions based in fear. We can realign ourselves with our natural state of positive polarity, with thoughts and feelings based in love, gratitude and joy.

This is a leap in consciousness. The realm of duality and karma has a negative polarity that is empowered by our own vibrations. It is based on fear and requires a positive polarity to dissolve from our experience into another energetic dimension. Without fear, we can know our true creative abilities. When we move energetically beyond the realm of karma, we are free to create anything we desire for ourselves and everyone around us. We are life-enhancers with our ability to be aware of all the energies around us and to choose to interface with positive, high-vibratory living.

By living in gratitude and being open to knowing the truth about ourselves, we become sensitive to our own inner knowing. Our intuition is always present as positive, high-frequency vibratory guidance that we can receive as knowing. This cannot be adequately described, but when we have it, we absolutely know it. Our intuition is our connection with the universal consciousness of the Creator. Coming to us in the conscious life force that we constantly receive, intuition unlimits our awareness and creative ability. We develop a perspective of compassionate wisdom.

The development of inner knowing depends primarily upon our desire and motivation. We all have it, but we have not known much of it. Once we are on the path to inner knowing, our life experiences become a kind of metaphor that guides our awareness to higher choices and states of being. All of our life becomes part of the process of life-enhancement through the energetic levels of love, compassion, joy and gratitude. We do not need anything from anyone outside of our own consciousness; although in our human form we enjoy providing for, and receiving from, one another. As we desire and feel ourselves living at the vibratory levels that we envision in all of our encounters, we radiate our energy into the quantum field for manifestation into our experiences. This is part of our creative ability.

As we become more and more positive in our awareness, we remove ourselves from the negative realm of karmic experiences. It’s as if we’re in parallel worlds. One is the realm of duality, of negative and positive energetics, and the other is beyond polarity and is pure life-enhancing creativity. While in the realm of duality, we arrive in the expanded realm by being positive. When we can align ourselves with positive polarity, we move into a higher dimension of energetics and living.

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