Living as Transformers of Life

One way to transform our lives is to understand the energy that creates all experiences. We live in a field of interacting energies of all frequencies and patterns. We express ourselves through the ones that we recognize. These are the ones we choose to pay attention to. Our attention sends the life force that we modulate as it flows through the heart of our Being to materialize the quality of our energy patterns as our experience.

We have been trained to react to situations that we encounter. In our reaction, we magnetize energy patterns that align with our vibrations during the encounter. It is the vibrations of our reaction that create our experience. We could react from ego consciousness or from intuitive guidance. If we react to a perceived attack from a perspective of fear or aggression, we attract experiences in alignment with our perspective. Because of our energy modulating ability, we are constantly creating qualities of energy patterns that manifest for us out of the quantum field. We can use our challenging experiences to empower our creative ability to a higher level of vibrations.

Nothing happens to us without our creative permission. When we are threatened, it is because we have focused our attention on that quality of energy. If we become intuitively-guided, we will know that there are no threats to our real Being, and we can encounter everyone and everything with gratitude, compassion, love and joy. These energetic expressions attract energy patterns that stimulate feelings of love and joy as they manifest for us.

The quality of life that we believe in is the quality of life that we experience. Our beliefs create the expressions of our consciousness. Changing our beliefs changes the corresponding quality of our lives. Ultimately we’ll transcend all beliefs as we enter an awareness of universal consciousness, and our creations arise from a perspective of clear unconditional love and joy, which flows to us in each moment from the consciousness of the Creator and enlivens our eternal Being.

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