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Living as Our Eternal Selves

Once we are confident in knowing our eternal Being, we are no longer subject to fear of any kind, and we are free to live in the high vibrations of joy and kindness. We are free to imagine every encounter in high vibrations of experience. We can radiate compassion, acceptance, love and assurance of mastery in every situation and encounter with any energy patterns. These are all innate abilities that we all have in our expanded Self. We only need to recognize our higher aspects. It is who we are, apart from any other energy patterns, such as human embodiment. It is just being our pure awareness. This is what does not ever die. This is where the source of our life is. It is the eternal, Self-Aware universal Creator, the all-encompassing consciousness that constantly creates galaxies and universes and everything.

Although quantum physicists know of this consciousness, they are limited at this point. The nature of consciousness is left to the mystics and spiritual masters to understand and practice. Everything happens by vibrations, which are the expressions of consciousness. Everything in the unified quantum field of all potentialities is an expression of consciousness. We all share in the expression of the empirical world with all of its concepts and feelings. We’ve been taught to be completely focused within this spectrum of energy. But we can escape just by changing our perspective.

Unified consciousness is unlimited, and it’s available to us, if we really want to experience it. It comes through the energy of the Heart and Source of our conscious awareness. It requires complete openness on our part, without any limiting beliefs about ourselves, or any remaining fear of mortality. In expanded conscious awareness, our focus is on high-vibration thoughts and emotions. By living in awareness of this spectrum of energy, whether in our physical experience or in our imagination, we can realize our eternal, unlimited, loving and vivacious Self. We can do this in our imagination, if we practice often. When, because of our practiced ability to be constantly open to high-frequency thoughts and feelings, we finally spontaneously feel and know that we are living in the quality of our visions, they are our real experiences.

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