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Quantum physics has shown us that consciousness is universal, and that every particle and wave are consciously connected. In spiritual terms, that means unconditional love is universal, because intentionally recognizing that our constituent atoms and sub-atomic particles all communicate with each other constantly in the same consciousness, enables us to open our awareness to this realm. Reason informs us that every part of our body, including our emotions and mental processes, are brought into being in a conscious entanglement with the photons and other sub-atomic and atomic waves and particles comprising our presence as human beings. We participate in universal consciousness. Most of us are oblivious to this and do not believe it.

Transformation of our awareness is necessary to move intentionally beyond our current boundaries and limitations. We live in a spectrum of electromagnetic wave patterns comprising our personal energy signatures. To raise our vibrations, we can react to challenges in our lives with compassionate wisdom and understanding. We can also imagine high-vibration scenarios and feel emotionally present in these vibrations for periods of time. We open our awareness to greater consciousness, and we move into the realm of true compassion, joy and peace. This is a path to realizing our divine Self.

Once we can recognize our intuition arising from the energy of our heart, we become powerful in our radiance of divine love and joy. This has not been normal for humans, but as more of us raise our frequency with the will and intention to live in high vibrations, we change the vibratory frequency of humanity. This radiance is an invitation to others to awaken to our higher Being. This is how we make the conscious leap into a higher dimension of living on this planet. Once enough of us believe in the truth of who we are, humanity will transition to a higher dimension or spectrum of frequencies. In this we are being supported by the massive waves of gamma ray photons from the Central Sun, that are raising the resonant frequency of the Earth and humanity, as shown on the Shumann Resonance graph. We are in the midst of cosmic changes in frequencies, created out of the quantum field, which is the source of our Being.

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