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Living a High-Vibrational Life

Currently many of us are working through low-vibration emotional attachments that have kept us enslaved to low-vibrational lives of restricted living conditions. There are many ways of resolving these situations. One is to strive passionately for awareness of the highest dimensions that we can imagine. Another is to take a small step toward enlightenment and continue this process to the goal of complete inner clarity. The important perspective is to search for higher and higher emotional vibrations and inner experiences.

By focusing on someone and feeling and looking for the inner light and love, indistinct though it may be, we can telepathically and empathically direct love and joy, regardless of what that ego and physical personality may be. We can approach all low-frequency situations and emotions with our high-frequency energy signatures. If we maintain our high-frequency feelings, the lower-vibration energy will have to come into alignment with us or become unstable and dissolve, leaving any beings who depend upon our life force to expire from our experience. They terminate themselves by intentionally cutting themselves off from the life stream of the Creator flowing through the unified field of quantum fluctuation and all potentialities.

We are not required to contain our self-awareness to within the existing human energetic frequency spectrum. We have complete control over the focus of our attention and our emotional expressions. These are our tools of conscious expansion. We can also feel that the natural flow of higher-frequency energy of our planet, which all of us must stay in alignment with.

We can realize the full force of the creative power of our divine Selves by recognizing our true innermost Being and feeling the unconditional love that flows to us constantly. We can know our Selves through our recognition and emotional state of Being. This is who we are in our essential Being, apart from all of the false beliefs about ourselves. We are eternal sovereign Beings with the ability to modulate vibrations of energy patterns in creative ways.

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