Levels of Awareness

Is there a realm more expansive and wonderful than the one we consciously dwell in, that interpenetrates ours, and that we can access now or any time we desire? The difference between these worlds is a dimensional change in frequency. Because there is a vibrational barrier between dimensions, it requires a leap in our conscious awareness. We must believe the truth of our being. We are pure energy-beings within a quantum field of all potentialities. We live beyond the physical body as conscious combinations of electromagnetic waves, all being expressed as the personal energy signature or aura, which we feel as our presence, of each of us and manifesting our bodies.

We can raise the frequencies of our being, until we are ready to penetrate the higher realm, which is right where we are, but better. It is a vastly different perspective, which creates the entry into a higher level of conscious awareness. This is the realm of abundance, deepest love for all, peace and as much joyous excitement as we desire. Here is the revitalized Earth in great beauty. We’ve already created it just by imagining it and feeling ourselves being in this vibratory level. Being in this higher energy spectrum raises our energy signature to make the leap in dimensions.

Our experience depends upon our clarity in understanding life. If we have resolved all of our consciousness blocks and limitations, we can experience great expansion of our conscious awareness into higher dimensions, and we can be where we are now, and in the higher dimension of here.

We may choose to remain in the higher dimension by withdrawing our life force directed by our attention from the lower-vibratory energy. We have beautiful scenarios to create with our imagination and emotions. Our imagination electrifies a creative thought form, and the accompanying emotion magnetically attracts the energy to manifest it from the quantum field.

These are our natural abilities, uncompromised by beliefs and limitations, and enabled by our intention to be our true selves. They occur naturally when we are heart-centered and mentally and emotionally aware in desiring to live in the vibrational realm of unconditional love, joy, abundance, absolute freedom and whatever else is elevating. Our awareness can create whatever it wants, if we genuinely know that it can, and we empower it with our emotions.

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