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Learning to Be Ourselves

Our natural state is the spectrum of vibrations that we are created to enjoy. This is the spectrum of unconditional love flowing from our Source into our Being constantly as our life force and self-consciousness. How can we be more grateful than recognizing who we are?

We have thrown a heavy veil over our awareness in order for us to be able to experience low vibrations and know what they feel like. For this we had to have free choice in order to delve into the dark side of life. If we had been aware of the presence of our innate being, we could not have known this experience.

The etheric energy of our planet has become a higher frequency vibration that no longer supports low vibrations. This is now manifesting in our experiences. The expressions of low vibrations are held in our experience only by the life force we give them through our attention, when we are stuck in some aspect of fear. Without fear in the energy signature of humanity, there would be only high-vibration energy for us to experience. This is where we’re going. At some point all of the dark ones and their energy spectrum will just disappear for lack of any true essence.

We are returning to our natural state of Being, and to do so we must recognize our real Selves. This requires an opening of awareness that we have blocked out in order to be human at this time. Now some of us have begun to lift the veil and recognize our inner light as divine Beings who are unlimited in our consciousness and Being. We are everything and everyone we could ever want! In our consciousness we encompass universes, some of which we may have created. This is who we are. Wake up, People!

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