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Learning How to Cope with Humanity

The only thing that matters at the end of our human life is love. On the deepest level it is the energy of who we truly are. When we celebrate with family gatherings for special holidays, we raise our vibrations in love for one another, and we help those who could not celebrate. So it is in the higher dimensions. Everyone can participate in high-vibrational living with much joy and abundance. It is natural for us to want to help those in need.

Many of us feel that we don’t need etheric help. If we continue with this perspective, we will not receive it, even though it is always available. Our human perspective, based upon ego sustenance, can operate only in a negative polarity, low vibration environment. If we can change our polarity to high-vibrational love, we enter a higher spectrum of energy, and all of our experiences are elevated. We have freedom of choice in everything and are sovereign and free in our awareness. Our conscious awareness never disappears, as is reported by everyone who has had significant out-of-body experiences. Our awareness actually expands tremendously when we’re not focused within the empirical world.

Since our human presence is limited by the thoughts and feelings involved with our personal beliefs, we cannot imagine much experience beyond the empirical world. Even the concept of God has human attributes. The quantum world is mysterious to a person with an empirical perspective. It is a realm of electromagnetic wave plasma and patterns of waves of every possible eventuality. It envelopes us and inter-penetrates us. We recognize energetic patterns that we align with in our perceptual and emotional ability. These become our empirical world. They are oppositely polarized and of a lower vibratory frequency than our natural state of Being.

The empirical world has a denseness that is not present in the higher realms. Part of our desire to live in human bodies of this density is to feel the pleasures of the senses. What has happened, though, is that in this density we have not allowed ourselves access to our higher guidance, because it is not part of the empirical world. It is part of our higher Being. We have filtered it out. We live in a realm of cognition controlled by the ego that we designed for this purpose, as required for our human experience. It has become a limitation that cannot change without changing its polarity, causing a complete change of identity.

Once we intend to recognize the importance and essence of the love of our Creator Being, we are on the path to awakening to our inner guidance, because that is the vibratory level of our intuition. It is part of our innate Being, which controls all of the life processes in our bodies, knows us better than our self-awareness, knows everything that we have ever experienced in all of our lives, including all of our thoughts and emotions. It has only compassion and unconditional love as the essence of its Being. It is the consciousness that provides the experiences that align with the levels of vibrations that we dwell within predominantly. It gives us experiences within the spectrum that we choose to vibrate at.

We are in charge of our innate Being. It reads our vibrations and acts to accommodate us without judgment, only love and compassion. When we suffer, it is because we have aligned our vibrations with those that manifest as suffering. When we give our focus and life force to enslavement, as has been the case with most of humanity, whether through submission or resistance, we align with the energetic level of slavery, and our Innate manifests it for us.

As we intend to go higher in our joy, we become more expansive in our awareness. In order for this to happen, we must engage our innate Being. We can address our Innate, and tell ourselves how we intend to be, and thereafter live on this vibrational level. Our innate Being can cure any ills in our bodies instantaneously, when we are in complete alignment with the energetic expression of vitality and well-being. And so it is with everything. Whatever we imagine and align with emotionally results in experiences that are compatible with that energy. We believe and know ourselves into our experiences.

In order to change an intense experience within negative, low-vibrations, we must extract our awareness from that scenario in order to be serene and reorient ourselves. Deep, rhythmic breathing for a while and perhaps a walk in nature can do it. Training ourselves to believe what we want to experience is necessary. We have to be able to recognize and feel it, to recognize and feel the vibratory pattern.

As we become proficient in envisioning and, in our awareness, being in high levels of vibrations, our experiences come to reflect these energetic expressions. We can choose to live in the vibratory level of gratitude, love, joy, abundance and freedom. We can choose to know our eternal, unlimited awareness, which we share in the universal consciousness of the Creator.

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