Knowing Yourself

We are accustomed to listening to others as if they have something real to communicate to us. Those others are actually a reflection of a projection that we participate in creating in our imagination. All of these things are configurations of energy that we interact with and can change in our consciousness. The phenomenal world exists in our imagination. It’s how our consciousness interprets the energy configurations that we pay attention to and are aware of. We are designed to be able to change the frequency of energy configurations in our experiences with our thoughts and emotions, limited by our beliefs and deeply held fears. Once we resolve our self-imposed limitations, we can completely change the quality of our experiences, regardless of how they appear currently.

We can know that we have the power to radically change our experiences, we have the creative choice of what we want to experience. This is where our wisdom and life exposure come in. We have the opportunity to choose very high-frequency experiences of unconditional love and joy. We can use our imagination to create scenarios of wonderful life experiences for ourselves while being aware of the energy of our heart. By holding ourselves in the spectrum of frequency of love, joy, peace, compassion, abundance and beauty, we are raising our energy signature to a higher spectrum of experiences. This also raises the composite energy signature of humanity.

In our true selves we are pure eternal conscious self-awareness with infinite creative ability. We can appear in or out of a body, which itself is an energy configuration. We can also use our consciousness to change the energy configuration of our body. We can heal and regenerate through our creative imagination and emotional power, once we are clear, and we recognize the depth of our consciousness joined with our life force flowing from our Source.

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