Knowing What’s True

For eons we have regarded our mental processes and our will power as the source of our guidance and success in life. We have imagined that this is our inner power and the closest we can come to knowing the truth about life. We have limited ourselves to empirical experience and logic. Higher math comes closest to true knowing in the unenlightened mind, because it depends upon intuition. Only in the discoveries of quantum physics have we learned that there is much more to understand.

We have learned that in our essence, we are our conscious awareness, which is unlimited beyond time and space. In our personal awareness, we are eternal, just as universal consciousness, which we participate in, is the eternal awareness of the Creator of all that exists. We are all fractals of the One Universal Being. There is only one consciousness, and we are designed to be able to have access to all of it. Our consciousness envelopes the entire cosmos and all that is.

We can find ourselves at the beginning of our own awareness. This is the state of being where we just are present awareness. This awareness is our conscious life force flowing into us as unconditional love, connected in Being through universal consciousness with all conscious beings, which is everyone and everything. Everything has its own level of consciousness constantly flowing into its form and presence, with its own energy signature. Life flows through everything, expressing itself as energetic patterns of electromagnetic waves, some of which we can perceive as empirical experiences.

We exist in many dimensions simultaneously. Everything that exists is present to our awareness here and now. We are aware of as much as our personally-created limitations will allow. We have had many beliefs about ourselves that have kept us compartmentalized in our awareness. We don’t need any of them, but they have been with us nearly our entire lives. They are all based on the fears and needs of our ego consciousness, which knows nothing beyond empirical experience and mental concepts, although we do have our imagination, which can be a link to higher awareness.

The ego, however, cannot bridge the gap beyond mortality in time and space. We can thank our ego consciousness for giving us our human experiences in the empirical dimension, while we open our awareness to our etheric presence in a dimension of higher vibrations. In our etheric presence we can recognize our eternal Self.

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