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Knowing Our True Selves

It is possible for us to align ourselves with the greatest love that we can imagine living in and feeling. This is our natural state of being. We took an interesting excursion into dark territory for experience in the negative realm, but we don’t have to stay there. The gray zone is a step up, where there is some sense of innate love. When we step into the light completely, love is universal, and gratitude is natural. Everything in our lives is life-enhancing in every way. This is the realm of positive polarity with high vibrations.

The rising resonant frequency patterns of the Earth are indicative of the quality of the larger solar and galactic energetic environment. This shows us that our human resonance is rising as well in order for us to continue to be comfortable embodied here. There is increasingly more light and love enveloping us. More of us are learning to adjust our consciousness in alignment with higher, positive vibrations.

We can be intentionally aware of any potentiality. It only requires our focus and perhaps our imagination. Whatever we can imagine, we can experience. We have believed that we are limited to empirical experiences, and that life just happens to us. We have lived essentially in reaction to our encounters, having little understanding of what it’s all about.

By intentionally searching for the energetic quality of what we want, it arises for us out of universal consciousness through our intuition, which is part of us, even if we aren’t aware of it. If we are held back in our energetic creations by our limiting beliefs, we can transcend and resolve them with our intentional state of being, vibrating at the level of gratitude and love.

We are Source Beings, constantly arising out of the consciousness of the Creator of all. We are how the Creator experiences everything we experience, and we thus expand universal consciousness. We are designed to create imaginatively in life-enhancing ways, freely and without limitation. We can love deeply and have as much ecstasy as we desire. In our essence, we are eternal, divine Beings with Self-Awareness, able to create, and allow to manifest, whatever energetic patterns we can imagine. We are infinitely powerful creators, playing in the empirical world as humans. We are learning to trust ourselves, knowing that we are intentionally always in a positive, high-vibratory state of Being.

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