Knowing Our Invulnerability

Having been programmed to believe that we are our material body, we have believed that we gradually lose vitality and then terminate. We have believed that we are mortal. This has enabled us to have access to negative, low-vibration experiences that we believe are real, in order to deepen our understanding and compassion.

As we become aware of being beyond our body-consciousness, as we do in day-dreams and night-dreams, we can deduce that we are more than our body. There are hundreds of easy-to-find accounts from people who have died and returned to tell of their expanded awareness in being without a body.

In fact, we are so immortal, that even if we strongly believe that we are mortal, this belief has no effect, because we are extensions of universal consciousness beyond time and space. Even in our dreams, we can be many different forms and personal expressions. If we are eternal in our Being, that doesn’t mean that our body is eternal, because it is an expression of our beliefs, if we still have them, and our recognition through the focus of our attention. Our conscious self-image and self-beliefs are modulators of the energy patterns that attract our experiences.

Our activities, involvements and all empirical experiences are a result of the vibratory level of what we think about and feel. Everything else results from our resonant frequency. Forms and scenarios arise out of the quantum field, attracted by energy patterns that they align with. These become our experiences.

We are the conscious creators of the quality of our experiences by the polarity and vibratory frequency of our energy signature, which can change moment-to-moment, but has a predominant vibration, in alignment with our perspective on life.

Once we know and believe that we are eternal Beings, we can understand and feel that we are sovereign, fearless and free. Outer circumstances rearrange themselves to our changing perspective and quality of life. When we are thoroughly positive and of high vibration, we can expand our awareness beyond any limitations. It becomes possible to live in the body as well as beyond at the same time. The dimensions interpenetrate at different polarities and frequencies.

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