Knowing Our Eternal Being

How far can we expand our imagination? Mathematicians constantly strive to discover greater solutions to problems that were unsolvable. Movies have expanded the consciousness of humanity into greater self-destructiveness of super villains, as well as greater human high-vibration abilities, some of which have been shown in science fiction and super-hero stories. Humanity is just awakening to the idea that we are more than human. We are intent on pushing our limits higher.

Quantum physics has shown that everything that exists has an energy pattern unique to each conscious entity. It has also shown that there is a universal consciousness beyond time and space, that is the cause of everything and is the Creator of the quantum field of all potentialities. Our personal consciousness arises out of the consciousness of the Creator as a fractal of the Creator. Each of us is a Creator.

In the current human dimension, we have limited our creative power to the vibrations of a fear-based perspective. We have created everything we can imagine and feel, as well as our current circumstances. We are constantly creating with our thoughts and feelings. As long as we have fear of termination in ourselves on any level, we will have a fear-based perspective.

Only when we truly know and consciously experience our eternal Being, can we be fearless and truly loving of all. Perhaps we can be convinced by all the stories of those who died and came back, and who reported that nothing terminal or diminishing happened to their conscious self-awareness, and they became aware of much more. Because the quantum field, that they experienced outside of the body, is a field of unconditional love and vitality, most did not want to come back to their bodies, but did so out of a felt obligation.

By imagining ourselves to be eternal Beings, we can open ourselves to the truth of who we are. In our deepest Being, we have an intuitive knowing that we know is true about ourselves. This is where we know we are personal self-conscious Beings, who are eternal, created beyond time and space in the eternal universal consciousness of the Creator.

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