Knowing Intuitively

Our ego-conscious mind does not know what intuition is. It is in a different spectrum of energetics. The closest that the ego can come into contact with intuition is through higher mathematics. Mathematicians reach beyond the capabilities of the ego mind into pure logic and intuitive solutions. They, however, do not know how their solutions come into their awareness, except that they intend to know, and that is the creative link.

Intending to know our intuition, and being attentive to what we deeply feel and know, can deepen our sense of intuitive guidance. This guidance is always life-enhancing. It brings us into alignment with our true Being. We can imagine being our divine Presence, and we can intuitively know our divine, eternal Presence, if we want to. In this state of Being, we know whatever we want to know. We can imagine and feel the quality of being of everyone we recognize in unity with the essence of our Being.

If we keep living in this knowing of the quality of all the energetic patterns available for our recognition, we can choose to focus on expressions of love and goodness, compassion and joy. These are the positive, high-vibratory feelings of our higher-conscious Selves, and they accompany our intuitive knowing. There are no inherent limits to our intuition, other than our beliefs about ourselves.

Our beliefs keep us hypnotized in the dimension of human experience. In this realm our awareness comes only through our ego-consciousness, and we are not capable of awakening, unless we want to. Once we intend to open ourselves to greater realization, situations arrange themselves to accommodate us. If we continue intending to expand our awareness in love and compassion, our intuition is our constant guide for insights and knowing everything we want to know. We can become sensitive within to receive guidance from the universal consciousness of the Creator.

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