Knowing Creator Consciousness

In the process of getting to know who we really are as conscious, living persons, we can open our awareness beyond the physical realm to our consciousness itself. We can observe ourselves from another dimension with greater consciousness. In our true Being, we can express ourselves in every dimension timelessly.

In our human being consciousness, we live within the limitations of the empirical spectrum of frequencies. We have compartmentalized our consciousness to be able to participate in the human experience. When we are ready, we can withdraw our attention from this world and focus on the energy patterns that enhance our lives. These are the vibrations that we know and feel in the heart of our Being. They are all based in the spectrum of love and joy. This is our natural state of Being. it is the essence of the quantum field. When our thoughts and emotions vibrate in alignment with these frequencies, we know how this feels in our heart. This is the energy that we can live in as long as we choose to. We modulate this energy with our imagination and feelings, which create our personal energy signatures and the resulting resonant experiences.

Living from the heart of our Being draws us into our realization of the presence of the Creator, our greatest Being. In the heart of our Being we receive our eternally present personal life force. We can recognize our timeless presence of Being as a fractal of the One Creator. We are the Creator. We are the presence of the Creator, expressed as our persons, and enveloping in our consciousness all that exists.

By aligning our attention with love vibrations, we become more radiant in resonance with our natural spectrum of emotions. We can face any energy patterns that could cause instability in our vibrations, if we can maintain a perspective of love and compassion. We can be aware of the misalignment without ego involvement. With this kind of awareness, we can transform all lower-vibration energy patterns into the spectrum of love and joy. We are the modulators of the energy.

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