Just Being Ourselves

How high can we imagine ourselves going? How expansive can our conscious awareness be without fear? What can hold us back? We cannot make any progress in consciousness when we are desperate. We have created our own limitations to keep us from realizing how unlimited we are; otherwise, we couldn’t be human.

The cosmos is ours to focus on, anywhere, anything and anyone. This is a process that happens in our consciousness, as we release all of our beliefs about being limited and mortal. Our bodies can be such, but our conscious personal Being is eternal and can express itself in worlds without end, and in more than one at the same time. The human can now be ready to transform. We are the Creator in our conscious life force, which flows to us constantly out of the Being of the Prime Creator. It flows throughout our personal energy field and expresses itself as us. We are persons, able to be anyone we want. We are Self-determined and have freedom of focus in every moment.

By learning to control our creative power from a position of zero-point awareness, we can be aware of our higher guidance through our intuition. We become just present in awareness, with nothing else going on in our minds or emotions. We begin to feel a desire for higher-vibration situations in life. Intuition is not intrusive, like the ego. To be sensitive to it, we must calm the ego with love and assurance of well-being. Then we can just be present and open our awareness through the energy spectrum of our heart—love, joy and ultimate service to our Source Being in gratitude.

We do not need any kind of personal assurance. Everything we desire comes to us. We do not need to hang on to anything, we just live by how we feel within and how we just innately know. We know that we prefer the realm of high vibrations. This is what we attract into our experience by following our higher guidance, free of ego and fear. We live in the dimension of peace, abundance, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, love, beauty and joy. This becomes our real world. We can expand our consciousness as far as we want to go, because we are unlimited in our Being.

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