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Just Being Here Now

We can begin by being in natural places, apart from humanity, places of beauty and majesty. Here we can feel the vibrancy of Gaia and her creative imagination. We are her guests here, and our intention can be to enhance our environment with wonderful feelings and deep connection with all of the conscious entities around us. We can be at peace, in serenity and just be aware. Breathe deeply, nothing more. We can be grateful to Gaia for providing this planet for us and for enlivening us, regardless of how we treat her body. She is waiting for us to align with her rising vibrations, so that we can all enter into interactions of kindness, joy and support.

As we align with her energetic patterns in the spectrum of joy, compassion, and love, we can feel that these are life-enhancing vibrations. We can learn to stay focused within this dimension of high vibrations. We can become aware beyond thought and emotion. Just present awareness. This is our eternal Being. It is Who We Are. This state of being comes with clarity. This is where we can become aware that we are within universal consciousness. This is our Creator essence. It is the connection through our conscious life force within the Source of our Being.

This high level of consciousness of the Spirit of the Earth is attracting us to align with her, because it feels wonderful. Soon the resonant vibratory level of Gaia will be in a higher-dimensional frequency, where there is only love. Anyone not aligned with this will be too uncomfortable to be on this planet.

In the high-frequency vibrations of our thoughts and emotions, we enjoy greatly expanded awareness, that we are not capable of in the current human consciousness spectrum. To expand we must leave behind all feelings of inferiority, shame, regret and every kind of fear. Only love and its vibratory mates can be attractive to us. There is nothing special we need to do in this life, except keep our vibrations high, which creates a fulfilling life. By interacting in love and compassionate wisdom with everyone, we become radiant masters of this energetic realm.

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