Just Being

What is being? What is presence? We can feel these aspects of ourselves. Energetically our being is our subtle energy signature. Our presence is the magnetic radiance that is the expression of our energy signature. Our presence attracts similar energy and avoids other kinds of energy. We intuitively know when we’re attracted to another presence. As we become more aware of our being and our presence, we also become aware of how our energy signature changes. These changes are expressed through our emotions. By directing our emotions with our imagination, we can create new experiences for ourselves and change our energy signature. This makes us more attractive to the energies we expressed, changing our life situations in alignment with our energy signature. Working with the subtle quantum energy is essentially aligning with esoteric spiritual knowledge.

We know intuitively what awareness is, but we don’t know rationally how expansive it is. We have learned that when we are in the grip of fear, our awareness is fixed in a narrow spectrum of energy. The same situation occurs for anger, depression, and idiocy. Whenever we feel them, we know we’re in a low-vibration presence that needs to be transformed within us by focusing on the energy of our heart and becoming aware of beautiful and wonderful energy that we can express through our imagination and emotions. We can be creative with our imagination and emotions into higher and higher vibrations of energy, changing our beliefs about ourselves and our personal limitations. These are all expressions of our energy signature. As we use our imagination and emotions intentionally, we become adept at this, and our awareness expands greatly, as much as will be allowed by our self-imposed limitations of deeply-held beliefs and traumas that we have not yet released. Once we recognize these and release them, we become free to expand our awareness as greatly as we are willing to go.

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