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Journey to the Inner Light

Within each of us is the presence of the eternal One conscious Being, Who constantly creates us personally. There is nothing permanent, except universal consciousness and the field of energy that emanates from it, constantly changing patterns of electromagnetic waves of energy. Some of these energetic patterns vibrate within the spectrum recognized by humanity, but our inner knowing is aware of a much greater range of frequencies that reach into a higher dimension of consciousness. We can have this expanded awareness only if we intentionally open ourselves to our eternal presence of Self.

We can resolve all beliefs in our limitations, as they arise, and as we can keep intending to know our true Being and the essence of our consciousness. We can feel all the vibrational patterns enveloping us, and we always know when we’re in the presence of low-frequency fear or high-frequency love. We can keep intending to align with love and joy, whenever possible. We can align with nature and the vibratory resonance of our planet.

We can take the journey inward to the essence of our Being. We can feel the quality of the vibrations of our heart. We find them by intending to recognize them emotionally. We know what love feels like, even though the love we can know as humans is limited. If we can go into its depth, we can feel the unconditional love radiating from our heart, who lives to give us life. Through our heart, we constantly receive the unconditionally loving conscious life force of the Creator.

We know what it is to feel alive and aware. Part of our aliveness and awareness resides in our body consciousness, but there is much more. There is beauty, joy, abundance, music and magic. It is all possible for us in a perspective of love, if this is what we search for. We can open ourselves to a higher dimension of living by creating it in our imagination and emotions, until we can recognize its reality. The higher dimension of living exists for us as soon as we know that it exists. It happens when our vibrations resonate in alignment. This is all part of our inner journey. We can learn to be aware of our inner promptings, guiding us in every moment to the full realization of our magnificent eternal Being.

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