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Inverting Our Understanding of How Life Works

At some time during this lifetime, we will be motivated to look deeply into our consciousness and realize the amazing range of perspectives that we have experienced throughout our history. It is most helpful if we can do this with objectivity, realizing that we encompass all vibrations, from the greatest love and light to the lowest evil and darkest intent. We have lived at every level of vibration. None is better or worse than another, but they each have their unique feelings and level of diminishment or enhancement of life.

It is customary for us to judge evildoers and want to resist and punish them. We are fascinated by ways to expose them and extract revenge. When we act on this level of energy, we are engaging them at their own level. Because evil exists at a low Vibration of negativity, the natural manifestation of this level of engagement is more suffering and creation of dark energies. We cannot elevate anyone with interaction at this level.

The way of transformation requires that we accept our history and relationship with destruction, persecution and suffering. After all, it is just more experience with the full spectrum of energies that are available tor us. As we choose to expand our awareness through unconditional love and compassion, we can accept everyone as different aspects of ourselves at some point in our history. In our consciousness we envelop the entire spectrum of energies, both the dark and the light. We have come to know intimately how they all feel, and which ones are creative, as well which ones are destructive. We can be very precise in determining these qualities.

In every moment we have the choice of how we want to feel and think about anyone. We establish our own state of being by our conscious and subconscious choices. By being judgmental and vindictive, we create negative experiences for ourselves and for everyone who vibrates at these levels. It cannot be otherwise. By being accepting and forgiving, we transform our own energetic status, and we no longer support negativity with our life force. As we modulate the energy in our presence in positive ways, we diminish the essence of negativity and eventually dissolve it into another dimension and out of our experience, while we enjoy greater freedom and joy in our personal lives.

Eventually it becomes clear to us that we are all the same Being, living in the consciousness of the infinite Creator for the greatest enjoyment of all. Our Creator experiences everything through us. When we choose to align ourselves with the creative energy of unconditional love, we gain the ability to create everything our hearts desire.

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