Interacting within Humanity's Energetics

There is intentional genocide being forced upon the people world-wide. The key persons that can control it all are the military leaders, including the CIA, but they depend upon the bankers for money. So, the bankers buy protection, and both groups control nearly all of humanity for profit and entertainment. It is the rise of fascism everywhere. This is the ultimate move by the lowest-vibration, most destructive energetics of the negative elite, but they can be defeated by the energetics of positive polarity, high-vibration patterns held in focus by many humans. We can participate in this elevation of human conscious awareness by raising our own frequency with more wonderful thoughts and feelings, based in our awareness of our eternal conscious life force.

The force of unconditional love and joy is the most powerful force, because it is in alignment with the life-enhancing energies of the Creator. When we align our own imagination and feelings with this force, we express a destabilizing frequency pattern for the negative ones. Gaia is supporting us in this with her rising resonant frequencies, as is the entire cosmos. We are living in a very long wave pattern that is shifting electromagnetic polarities. We’re moving from negative to positive. This affects our entire being. Fear disappears with intuitive awareness of our eternal Self. The vibration of love is all there is that is real. It is the vibration of Creator Consciousness. We just haven’t known this, and we let ourselves be tricked into giving our life force to our slave masters, and we have agreed not to opt out of this arrangement.

That agreement is meaningless. It benefits only the slave masters. Let’s get real. We are sovereign and free Beings. We have ultimate control of our most powerful ability, which is to focus our attention and awareness. This determines our present vibration. Whatever is going on around us is immaterial. What matters is our own focus. We control the quality of our thoughts and emotions. This gives us infinite creative ability, within the limits of our beliefs about ourselves, which is how we got enslaved. We took ownership of many false beliefs. We didn’t recognize the negative polarity of the energies involved. We just wanted the experience, and we lost our Self-Realization.

We have the ability to know our true Self. The connection is through our intuition. It is the awareness of our deepest Being, where our consciousness arises from. This is where we can know everything in each moment. It requires our clarity of mind and emotion, with no attachments or beliefs, just being present awareness. We transcend ego consciousness, which becomes irrelevant. We can become aware of more poignant and beautiful situations and realms. We can also just be present and aware without judgment in the face of conflicting energies. We can withstand all temptation to change our polarity or lower our vibrations, because we can just let them pass without our alignment with them. We can choose to align only with positive, high-frequency energetics. This contributes to the dissolution of parasitic, negative, life-diminishing influences.

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