Interacting within Humanity’s Energetic Spectrum

It’s a challenge for us to know that anything is possible, and that we can live miraculous lives, regardless of what has been happening in our awareness and all around us. This is the leap in consciousness that can greatly enhance our experiences on this planet and beyond. It requires us to stop aligning our thoughts and emotions with the low-vibrational energies that appear to threaten and intimidate us with destructive, parasitic intent. When we are angered and fight against these low-vibratory energy patterns, we give them our life force, because we are meeting them at their own vibratory level. Without our consent for engagement, they cannot invade our consciousness. This is where miracles can happen.

When we have cleared our consciousness of our limited beliefs about ourselves, we can open ourselves to our true essence, our eternal Self. We can do this now. The only powers holding us back from expanding our consciousness are our own beliefs that limit us. These are beliefs such as thinking that others can make us suffer, starve us and imprison us. We believe that we are inherently sinful, shameful, untrustworthy, and capable of growing old and frail and getting sick and dying. These are all false beliefs that we have acquired and made real for ourselves. They are all part of the human hypnotic trance. It is a challenge to resolve them into nothingness, but it is possible with great intent.

There is no proof that we will be successful in this quest. We have been taught that the great masters, all of whom have accomplished this transcendent state of being, are different from us, even though they have told us that they are just like us. Jesus told us that we could do everything that he could do and more. Now we know how this can happen.

In the perspective of quantum energetics, our entire life experience is an expression of different frequencies of energetic vibrations, which we control with our thoughts and feelings. The quantum field of all potentialities consists of conscious life force flowing in unconditional love. We arise out of the universal consciousness of the Creator of all and exist in the energetic plasma of the quantum field, where everything is possible. We are limited only by ourselves in expressing anything that our heart desires. This is the other requirement for a miraculous life. We are designed to express the energies of the heart of our Being in order to live in the spectrum of high vibrations of our fulfillment in joy, love, freedom and abundance, guided by our intuition.

When we maintain a conscious intent of compassion, gratitude and love, we remove ourselves from the realm of low vibrations. As long as we’re participating in the human hypnotic trance, we’ll have to face low-vibration energies, and we can interact from the perspective of compassionate wisdom, removing ourselves from alignment with the dark force and its consequences.

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