Interacting with the Energies of Humanity

We face many severe challenges that are being imposed upon us by forces beyond our current ability to control. We are rebelling against detrimental contracts that we have been tricked into. We have been controlled by malevolent intelligence beyond our traditional capabilities. We have been forced into warfare against our will under threat of fines, imprisonment or death. This is the world of human experience that we now must transform beyond the ability of the dark force to affect.

The world that we have perceived as real is actually made of electromagnetic energy patterns that our consciousness interprets as the empirical world. Everything is energy waves and patterns that become empirical for us when we recognize them as such. Apart from our recognition, there is no empirical realm, only energy patterns. Every conscious entity lives within the energetic frequency patterns of whatever dimension it was created for, while being aware of universal consciousness that enlivens and creates everything. Although we’ve been living within a limited spectrum of the energy patterns of consciousness, we have the ability to penetrate the consciousness of our Creator. Our life force flows to us constantly from within the quantum field of all potentialities. This field is what physicists call the vacuum fluctuation, which is a constantly changing complex of every possible energetic pattern and frequency. It is an expression of universal consciousness.

We are fractals of infinite and eternal consciousness that have severely limited self-awareness in order to expand our consciousness into knowing what we feel when we’re locked into a low-vibration environment. This human experience has given us wisdom that we could not have without knowing what this low-vibratory spectrum feels like. These are the vibrations that stimulate fear in us.

Without fear, we are not subject to the dark force, because we are naturally Beings of love and joy, and our high-frequency energy signatures cannot be affected by the low-frequency energy of anything having to do with fear. If we can focus on high-vibration scenarios, we can realize who we really are as pure, personalized conscious Beings with infinite abilities, all participating in universal consciousness, which flows with unconditional love in everything. We can transform the human energy spectrum.

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