Inter-Dimensional Beliefs

On the path of awakening to our true Selves, we must confront all of our training and personal beliefs. One belief that we have accepted is that we are mortal. From the spectrum of frequencies that we share with each other in the empirical world, this is real for our bodies. Upon leaving our bodies, we remember our expansiveness in other dimensions, and we become aware of our essential Being, our present awareness. We can recognize our innate creative ability, which we receive from our Creator, and we can learn to express the energy of the heart of our constantly-creating Being. This raises the vibratory resonance of our energy signatures into alignment with our natural state of Being. In this spectrum of energy, fear has disappeared, and everything is in the spectrum of love.

Once we know that we are timeless in our Being, all beliefs vibrating in resonance with fear become unstable and disappear. Our challenge is to align our entire selves with knowing immortality and to withdraw our emotional involvement from believing we are mortal. We can convince our mind from the written accounts of many who left their bodies and returned, but emotionally we may feel a draw toward our old beliefs. Without personally having an out-of-body experience, we can trust our intuition. This is what we know in our deepest Being.

Our intuitive knowing comes from within the energy of our heart. It has only fulfilled desires and conveys the life force of the Creator to the essence of our Being. Any beliefs out of alignment with the vibratory resonance of the Creator disappear. The premise on which belief in mortality can exist is that there is only one dimension, that of empirical stimulation. We can choose to accept other dimensions that we dream in and enter in deep meditation, as well as those we create in our imagination.

By intending to remember our multidimensional nature, we can focus our awareness in any dimension upon a moment of present consciousness, a moment of now that continues being always now. Our awareness includes all potential energy patterns in the quantum field. We feel every one that we focus on, and we attract those that resonate with us. We can open ourselves to intuitive guidance from within, apart from any influence we encounter or how challenging it may be for the ego.

Divine love is the only reality allowing everything to exist. It is the life-giving essence of Being constantly flowing from the Creator and enlivening all conscious entities. The world we are creating with this energy encompasses all life-giving energies. All low-vibration energies and the entities aligned with them are disappearing into a dimension that resonates with them, while we transform our conscious experiences into alignment with unconditional love.

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