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Intentionally Expanding Consciousness

We can ask our true, expanded Self to draw us into alignment with the consciousness of the Creator. We can seek the highest positive vibratory patterns that we can imagine. We can open our awareness beyond our imagination into universal consciousness. We ourselves have this ability, and we are the only force that can prevent us from realizing full consciousness. We must be willing and desirous of opening ourselves beyond the consciousness of humanity. For our ego-consciousness, opening to an unknown dimension of awareness stimulates fear.

It's comfortable to stay enclosed within our known human consciousness, but there is more, if we’re interested. Within our common experience, we can choose what to think about, what to observe and how to feel about it all. If we are ready to expand, the way out of limitations occurs in our intention. Once we desire and pursue higher consciousness, our intuition guides and informs us. As first we stumble along, not sure of our inner knowing, but wanting to be confident in the truth in every aspect of life. With practice, intuitive knowing becomes our state of being.

We can become aware of greater depth and intensity in all aspects of life. This is the natural direction of our development. We can choose to be positive and joyful. Nothing outside of ourselves can force us to feel anything. Every emotion is a choice, based on our perspective. Using our emotions creatively is part of our Being, and our perspective is an expression of our state of being. In every moment we control our perspective and state of being with the focus and feeling of our awareness.

We may encounter strong energetic patterns that stimulate emotions. Through our emotional intelligence, we can be aware of the quality of these energies, and we can decide if we want to engage them with a positive or negative perspective. If we choose to be in a life-enhancing state of being, we will engage our encounters with love, peace and compassion. When we remain in a highly positive state in the face of what could be a threatening situation, the situation resolves through transformation into alignment with us, or it dissolves into another dimension.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are the masters of our situation in every moment. We choose the quality of our experiences through our vibratory resonance. By intentionally being positive and joyful, we contribute to the enhancement of all conscious life. This is the path to greater awareness, far beyond compartmentalized human consciousness in the realm of duality.

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