Intentional Living for Conscious Expansion

We can improve our lives by wanting and constantly intending to feel more loving and compassionate. We can also constantly intend to be aware of our conscious presence and the intuitive knowing within the heart of our Being. Our intentional focus on higher vibratory feelings and thoughts draws the same quality of experiences to us. We have complete control of our vibratory level at all times, and we constantly choose the vibratory patterns that we focus our attention on. Our energy levels express themselves as our personal energy signature. The radiance from our energy signature attracts energetic patterns that resonate in alignment with us. These appear to us in the quality of our experiences.

Our true abilities are vast, far greater than any super hero. To access them, we need to clear ourselves of all of the beliefs that we designed to keep us from realizing our true Self. We did this, so that we could fully understand the human experience, with its low-vibrational attractions and threats that we believe are real. We give them our life force by aligning with their negatively-polarized vibratory level.

As we awaken from our personal reality play, we can begin to realize our expanding present awareness. We must intentionally shift polarity from negative to positive. This is a leap in consciousness from the realm of fear to that of love. Our ego cannot conceive of this, because it has no higher guidance. We designed it this way. If we choose way of love, we are shown our eternal present awareness beyond time and space. We can intend to be always just present in awareness, while being clearly attuned to our intuition, which is our connection with our true Self. This level of vibration elicits ecstasy on our part, it is so wonderful!

By constantly intending to open ourselves to the presence of our awareness in every moment, we gain an elevated new perspective, and we can move beyond ego consciousness through great love. Regardless of what we may be encountering in the world of humanity, the most important state of our being is to be in a spectrum of high vibration thoughts and feelings. When we are living intentionally with a focus on high-vibratory energy patterns, we can imagine and feel as if we are participating in scenarios that are wonderful and exciting. Memories and expectations can disappear. There is only the present moment in all of its richness that allows for our creative energetic alignment, constantly and forever. This is what our energy signature radiates into the quantum field for manifestation into our experience by attracting compatible energy patterns in whatever dimension we’re vibrating at.

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