Inspiring Our Lives

We can live in wonderful energy that uplifts us into great joy and ecstasy. Nothing in our lives happens by accident. It is all energetically connected in patterns of resonance. We don’t necessarily create the images we have in mind, but we create the quality of what we feel in our experiences and imaginary scenarios. This is the frequency pattern in any given moment in our energy signature.

It is necessary to resolve all low-frequency vibrations that we’re still unknowingly holding onto in our subconscious. They act as anomalous vibrations in our personal energetics, which will attract other low-frequency experiences. We can recognize them whenever they arise and cause us to feel or do something that’s not quite right for us. There’s always fear trying to hide as something else to avoid recognition. It never feels good or right. This is when that part of our consciousness needs compassion and embracing love to bring it into alignment with higher vibrations. Our true heart is unconditionally loving. It lives to give us life, regardless of what we do to it. This is divine energy of very high vibrations.

When we can be compassionate and loving, we can observe ourselves from a perspective of neutrality. There need be no blame or judgment about anything, regardless of how low its vibrations are. What matters is our perspective and energetic alignment. If we can maintain elevating feelings in every situation, we can transform our lives.

Our consciousness flows into us through our true heart energy constantly out of the quantum field. As we raise our vibrations intentionally, we create more loving and joyous experiences. Our emotions are magnetic in attracting resonating energetic patterns. This is where our experiences come from. Our energy signature radiates conscious biophotons into the quantum field of all potentialities and attracts scenarios that resonate. These situations are presented to us for our experience. High vibrations in our heart and mind create high-vibration experiences in all dimensions. This is the natural energy of our Being, as we are participating in the consciousness of our Creator.

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