Insights into Reality

Humanity has been under the delusion that we are our bodies, and that we live in an objective world that exists apart from our conscious awareness. Our thoughts and feelings have operated entirely within our imagined empirical world. We intuitively imagine and believe what other humans imagine and believe. This creates agreement on the nature of what we recognize as reality.

In order for us to move into high-vibration lives, we must transform our recognition of reality. How can we expand our awareness beyond this spectrum of energy in search of reality? What would happen if we imagine ourselves without a body and without a world as we know it? This is the state of just being present awareness, and is where we find the truth of who we are. We are a conscious presence expressing itself through our unique energy signature, which everyone in our presence can feel. We live in a quantum field of all potentialities. We can rest in our awareness of being. In Buddhism this is the state of the empty void. It is nothingness, but our awareness. Here we have no desires, nor expectations of any eventualities. In this state of being, we can feel our life force and unconditional love flowing into our being. We are filled with vitality and unlimited awareness, and we feel a deep connection with everything in existence.

We can interact with any entity existing in the quantum field. Any entity that we recognize also recognizes us, and we both appear instantly in form. Quantum physics has shown this to be true. We create our bodies constantly by recognizing them as we imagine and believe them to be, and our bodies recognize the essence of our being. Consciousness is the essence of everything. Our being is creative with thoughts and emotions, and we modulate the energies that we recognize. We attract wave patterns that resonate with ours, and we recognize, feel and experience them. This is how we create our lives. Our potential is so much greater than we have realized.

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