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Inseparable Being

In the spectrum of frequency in which humanity lives, all beings appear as separate entities. This is an illusion. We all have our personalized consciousness, expressed as our unique energy signature, as well as our own life force. What is the essence of all of this? Quantum physics has shown that there is a universal consciousness that provides the energy for the vibration of every individual. This means that we all share the same consciousness, and every individual has a personal identity within it. In addition, every individual is inherently aware of all of consciousness, right down to all sub-atomic particles and waves and out beyond galaxies, once all of our personal self-imposed ego limitations have been resolved and released.

The cosmos intends to keep growing and expanding consciousness and collecting every possible experience in all dimensions. This is our intentional reason for being. We are the creators of experiences for the universal consciousness. We have the privilege of living in a spectrum of frequency that would not be possible for the Being that we are, unless we set up an imaginary world that is powerfully real, but fake. It is real, because all of us maintain its energy through our belief and recognition of its energy configurations and patterns in the plasma of consciousness. We have created this entire experience in order to feel we are completely separate beings with vulnerabilities. Without this physical matrix to limit ourselves to, we could not have the experiences we are having on this planet.

Some of us feel we have acquired all the experiences that we desire in this quality of being. It’s time to awaken to our true Being, aware of our greatness of Being, and knowing that we are infinitely powerful creators. As fractals of our Source consciousness, we have all of the abilities and qualities of our Creator. We were created to be Creators. In our true Presence, expressed as our high-frequency energy signature, we are unconditionally loving, joyful, kind and always present in awareness. We are creative awareness, shaping the vibratory resonance of everything we empower with our emotions and imagination.

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